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Cinnamon Roasted Nuts 
Rate: $295.00

Price includes Delivery & Operator

Service Includes: 
1 Hour Service

33 four ounce paper nut cones 

1 Roasting Operator & Equipment

Additional Service:

Batch of 11 four ounce Nut Cones - $30.00

​1 Operator & Roaster - $100.00 per hour

Premium Hot Chocolate 50 cups -  $100.00

We Roast Nuts at Parties!

Let our staff roast nuts at your next inside or outside event, employee appreciation, wedding and holiday celebrations. Our special roasting equipment is used in our nut glazing process to give each nut the perfect sweet cinnamon taste you expect. The heated roasting nut kettle we use has a precise temperature control to melt the cinnamon sugar onto the nut and to keep them from over roasting they are time controlled to give the perfect sweet taste. Each batch of Cinnamon Roasted Nuts is slow roasted and the aroma is a sweet wonderful smell. 

You can be assured we only use the best quality ingredients and nuts for your upcoming event. Almonds, pecans and cashews are an excellent source for daily nutrition.

Cinnamon Roasted Pecans and Almonds

We roast nuts everywhere office parties, wedding receptions, outside events and festivals. Savor the difference with our fresh German glazed cinnamon roasted pecans, almonds, or cashews, made with only the finest cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla extract.. Every cinnamon sugar glazed pecan is slow roasted in an Old Bavarian Recipe that gives each pecan, almond, and cashew a sweet cinnamon glaze and crunch. Experience the aroma of cinnamon roasted nuts at your next event.  Add HOT Chocolate to your order!

Our nut roasting operators slowly roast each pecan and almond in a specially designed heated kettle that blends all ingredients into a crunchy sweet taste. We can either roast cinnamon glazed pecans and almonds at your location or deliver warm nuts to your next event.  

Catering Services

Cinnamon Roasted Nuts Catering

We Deliver Warm Nuts to Customers!

This delivery service includes a specially designed warmer that will keep almonds, cashews, and pecans warm through out the day or evening. Prefect for sales meetings, office gatherings, weddings, parties, and customer appreciation. We Deliver Nuts!