Kona Ice and school fundraisers go together like peanut butter and jelly. Our Kona Ice catering services provide an amazing fundraising tool for schools and the kids love it. It’s everything that Kona Ice is about. Not to mention, we strive to be as efficient and quick as possible, helping your event go off without a hitch.

The Kona truck can serve hundreds of kids in an hour, so serving your entire school is no problem at all! We do events during the school day, but also outside of school hours. Our main goal is to make your school a better school because Kona Ice was involved.

Kona Ice can be used as a fundraiser (using what we like to call monthly Kona Days), a reward for a job well done, a fun break for your students and teachers, or a celebration for any occasion!


Smart Snack Approved

With fruit as our first ingredient, our Kona Ice catering services are compliant with the Smart Snack guidelines defined by the USDA’s “All Foods Sold in Schools” standards. In fact, we far exceed the standards.

Kona Ice

20% – 25% Give Back

This fundraiser has no cost to the organization and, at the end of the event, we give back 20 to 25 percent of sales. Our staff operates all of the Kona Ice equipment so you are free to run your fundraiser! No volunteers are needed with this full-service fundraiser catering option.

Kona Days

Steps to Fun and Money

  1. School bell rings (after school or lunch)
  2. Students run to one of two Kona Ice trucks
  3. We sell! You earn 20 to 25 percent of sales

We proudly serve the Dallas / Fort Worth area with affordable fundraiser catering services. For inquiries outside of this service area, please call us at 817-864-9996.

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