School Event Catering Services

Kids Love Kona Ice!

Kona Ice and schools go together like peanut butter and jelly. Our Kona Ice catering services are amazing for school fundraisers, and we are proud to say that Kona Ice is Smart Snack-approved for nutrition.

When we come to your event, we strive to be as efficient and quick as possible. The Kona truck can serve hundreds of kids in an hour, so serving your entire school is no problem at all! We do events during the school day, but we can also accommodate events that are outside of school hours. Our main goal is to make your school a better school because Kona Ice was involved. Kona Ice can be used as a fundraiser (using what we like to call monthly Kona Days), a reward for a job well done, or even a fun break for your students and teachers!

Work Party Catering

Kona Ice Catering for Employee Appreciation

Think Kona Ice is just for kids? Think again! Who doesn’t love shaved ice? It’s delicious! We provide Kona Ice catering services for every kind of event you could possibly imagine: employee appreciation days, company picnics, sales calls you name it, we’ll be there! We’ll pull right up to your workplace and serve some of the finest shaved ice around.

Catering for Private Parties

Birthday Party Kona Ice

Yes, Kona Ice is perfect for private events too, including birthday parties, swim parties, graduation celebrations, weddings, and more. If you are looking for a delicious pick-me-up for your party that is cold and refreshing, contact Brain Freeze Events today to make your reservation!