Office Party Catering and Snack Bundles — Mixed Bundle

We also serve Nashville and the surrounding areas

Mixed Bundle – Rate: $395.00

Price includes delivery

8 Hour Rental Service Includes:

  • Servings: Up to 50 people

Choose A Drink Option:

  • Option 1 – 50 Cups of Bill’s Frozen Lemonade
  • Option 2 – 50 Cups of Bill’s Lemonade Drink

Cart Includes:

  • Five Self-Serve Containers – Nuts and Candy
  • 50 Boxes of Finn’s Movie Style Popcorn

Additional Items:

  • Drinks – $3.00 per Cup
  • Self-Serve Nuts and Candy – $15.00 per bag
  • 1 Popcorn Box – $1.50 per box
  • 1 Server – $50.00 per hour

Popcorn, Nuts, Candy & Drinks

Fun treats at an office party, convention, or any party just got better with our specially designed mixed bundle catering package. Package includes Bill’s Lemonade and Finn’s popcorn. The specially designed fresh mixed bundle cart allows guests to select a sweet or salty treat. Your guests will love the selections!

This mixed bundle includes 50 boxes of pre-popped theater-style popcorn, self-serve candy and salted nuts.

Looking for affordable office party catering that features mixed bundles? We proudly serve the Dallas / Fort Worth area with affordable office catering. For inquiries outside of this service area, please call us at 817-864-9996.

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