Searching for affordable catering for your DFW fundraising event? Look no further than Pok-A-Dots Cotton Candy catering services from Brain Freeze Events!

Our Mini Dot bags (8″ x 12″) hold two mini dot batches of the sweet puffy treat that will satisfy two sweet urges. Each batch is magically spun by hand, placed into our designer bags, and then heat sealed to keep fresh. To maintain this fresh quality, we place 20 bags into a shipping box and seal it for shipment. All Pok-A-Dots Cotton Candy ships within 24 hours of being spun.

Fundraising Flyer

We designed our double mini dots bag for one reason: to help you make money for your organization. Our experience has shown that Pok-A-Dots hip bags help you sell — simply show them off and take orders.

Fundraising Groups

Breast Cancer Awareness, Dance Teams, Church Youth Groups, Basketball Teams, Baseball Teams, Football Teams, Soccer Teams, Tennis Teams, Softball Teams, Wrestling Teams, Choir Groups, Theater Groups, Band, Club and many others.


How It Works

Sell Bags for $4.00 each

You only pay us when a bag is sold!


50% Fundraiser = 90 to 100% of the bags sold
30% Fundraiser = One to 89% of the bags sold

50% Example (10% returned)
Delivered 20 cases (400 bags)
Sold 18 cases (360 bags)
360 bags x $4.00 = $1,440.00 total sales
Your Earnings: $1,440.0 x 50% = $720.00 earned
You write a check to us for $720.00

30% Example (15% returned)
Delivered 20 cases (400 bags)
Sold 17 cases (340 bags)
340 bags x $4.00 = $1,360.00 total sales
Your Earnings: $1,360.00 x 30% = $408.00 earned
You write a check to us for $952.00


Two to four cases
You pick up at warehouse
Five or more cases
We deliver to you (DFW area)

Returning Bags

After your fundraiser, all unsold bags must be returned to our office within 24 hours.

We proudly serve the Dallas / Fort Worth area with affordable catering services for fundraisers. For inquiries outside of this service area, please call us at 817-864-9996.

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