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Popcorn & Toppings

Popcorn Wagon: $295.00

Topping Cart: $195.00

Price includes Delivery & Servers

Popcorn: 120 Boxes

Popcorn Wagon Includes:

1 Hour = Popcorn wagon with 1 server

1 Hour = 120 one ounce boxes of popcorn

Toppings: 5 Toppings & 3 Spices

Topping Cart Includes:

1 Hour = Topping Cart Rental

1 Hour = 5 Toppings & 3 Spices

Additional Items & Hours

Toppings per bag - $15.00 each

Spices - $3.00 each

Boxes of popcorn - $1.00 each

1 Server & Wagon - $50.00 per hour

Popcorn Catering Service

Treat your party guests to freshly popped movie style popcorn, candies, nuts and seasonings from an old fashioned popcorn wagon and topping cart. Catering service includes the popular carnival style popcorn wagon, large popper and carnival theme popcorn boxes with optional shake it up topping cart. Popcorn wagon and topping cart is mobile for easy movement. Popcorn machine plugs into a standard electrical outlet. The large old fashion popper wagon can pop 120 one ounce boxes of popcorn in one hour. Most rental popcorn machines pop less than half that amount. Designed for large groups!  ORDER BOXES OF POPCORN

Shake It Up Popcorn - Add Toppings to Your Popcorn Box

Popcorn at an office party, convention or any party just got better with our specially designed popcorn topping cart. The unique topping cart allows guests to create their own popcorn creation by adding 5 different toppings (candies & nuts) and 3 seasonings to the box of freshly popped popcorn. Your guests will love the topping cart.

Reserve a Shake It Up Girl
Looking for something everyone will talk about during and after the event?  
Our Shake It Up Popcorn Girl will entertain your party guests by handing

out freshly popped popcorn in small carnival style boxes. 

This is an OVER THE TOP service.

Try adding Kettle Corn seasoning and nuts to your box of popcorn "Yum Yum Eat It Up". It is no longer just a box of popcorn but a fun sweet and salty food creation.  Add white cheddar cheese to a box of popcorn and you have created a cheddar cheese taste which everyone loves.  For another sweet and salty taste try adding M&M's to salty popcorn.  Serving Dallas and Fort Worth area.

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Shake it Up Popcorn Catering